Our Team
Leveraging insider experience & profit-generating expertise

Buddy J. Levy, president & CEO

  Buddy Levy is truly one of the founding fathers of Native American gaming. He negotiated, and held for 20 years, the first Indian gaming management contract and was one of the guiding forces in bringing the landmark 1981 court case that created Indian casinos in America. Today, he is widely recognized as the leading expert in regulatory requirements in Indian Gaming. Buddy has been involved in both the legal and operational side of Native American Gaming since 1979. Today, he combines a transactional legal practice, including a General Counsel position, with that of his private gaming practice representing primarily foreign entities desiring entry into the US gambling market. For most of Buddy’s career, his practice has concentrated on both transactional and gaming matters; and for more than half that time he has served in the position of General Counsel for different companies and Tribes. A graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, Buddy has been practicing law since 1974 and is licensed in the States of Florida and Texas. He is a General Member of the International Masters of Gaming Law whose members include internationally selected attorneys specializing in a gaming practice, regulators and other persons engaged in gaming at a high level. Widely acknowledged as an expert in navigating the regulatory requirements of Indian Gaming, he is recognized as a master of the detailed and constantly changing Tribal gaming licensing procedures. He is also expert in navigating the complex list of persons to know and work with in the details and customs of Native American Tribes and Tribally-Owned Casinos. Beyond regulatory issues for Tribal gaming, he has been a driving force in licensing, financing, and operating of casino projects throughout Indian Country as well as in Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition to serving as our President and CEO, Buddy Levy is a co-founder of Gary Green Gaming, Inc.™ and serves in key positions in all of our associated enterprises and affiliations. He is the guiding business force of the company. (www.LawLevy.com)  

Gary Green, co-founder

As noted, Gary Green™ is one of the most written-about figures in modern casino gaming circles. He is the host of the upcoming television series Casino Rescue” and author of the new book “Osceola’s Revenge ― The Phenomena of Indian Gaming”. He has created some of the most successful (and iconic) casino marketing and revenue campaigns in the gaming world. He structured the first multiple-property “one-card” player tracking system for the industry. Additionally, he devised the copyrighted marketing-based casino operational management methodology that consistently has increased casino revenue by an average of 40% anywhere it is implemented. For one two-thousand-slot-machine property, that proprietary system increased gaming revenue by 285.7% in a twelve- month period. Recognized as a walking compendium of gaming operations and casino history, his earlier book Gambling Man”has been praised as one of the revealing books about the inner-workings of casinos. Author, celebrity, recording artist, casino owner and executive, genuine technology pioneer, Gary Green™ is an award-winning and best-selling writer, a second-generation marketing innovator, a recognized television personality throughout the country, and a fearless promoter. He continues to make his presence known as a living and true renaissance boomer of business, technology, literature, finance, production, and casino gaming. Gary Green™ is known in many circles and cross disciplines for his business analytics, emerging technologies, risk intelligence, organizational, financial & operational performance, and legendary marketing excellence. A former Donald Trump vice president, Gary was once known as one of American’s most intense folksingers and rock poets (with his albums now part of the Smithsonian collection). He is long-time advocate of Native American sovereignty rights, an award-winning journalist, and a genuine pioneer of the original dot- com era (with 5% of all e-commerce on the planet at one time using his matrix). (www.GaryGreen.com)  

Other team members

Because our structure is a holding company model, we have the flexibility to assemble world-class teams of top industry professionals for each of our subsidiary projects.  Among our “go-to” team are: A CFO with an extensive financial background at American Airlines and at DHL Delivery; A 35-year veteran of Sands, Caesars’ Palace, Sahara, Arizona Charlie’s, Suburban West, Flamingo Hilton, The Point (Indian casino), as well as several casino cruise ships; a gaming executive with extensive Latin American operational experience; The most decorated living police officer in the history of Oklahoma who now provides security for nine casinos who is a comprehensive gaming surveillance and security expert as well as an internal control auditor; A number of government-relations specialists; The former Vice President of Property Management for one of the largest casino operators; A skilled manager of building equipment, infrastructure, facilities, housekeeping, maintenance, and EVS; Senior IT executives; iGaming developers; A designer responsible for the design of some of the most iconic Las Vegas strip casinos and hotels; A 45-year veteran of Hilton Hotels  with expertise in luxury, commercial, convention and airport hotel operations; …and others on our standby “on-call” team.