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Investment in the casino gaming industry is complicated and full of entry-barriers; at the same time it can be one of the most over-achieving sectors. We have prepared a primer e-book how-to guide for entering the sector. Click on the link at the left for your free copy. Invoking Rule 506 of SEC Regulation D, we are a casino industry investment vehicle, reaching across multiple resort-hotel-casino properties, verticals within the industry (slot machine companies, technology companies, etc.), and a variety of fee-based services provided to the industry. For “qualified investors” we offer a detailed prospectus package available from
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Our verticals and “sub verticals” all fit within one of the business models that, for decades, have been the core business of our founders’ successes and include: early-stage funding of casino greenfield projects (prior to construction &; operational funding); casino turn-around projects; slot machine and other game creation, development, sales, leases, and distribution― especially distribution of non-USA-based slot machine companies seeking entry to the USA markets; Indian casino development, land-to-trust, and management contract projects (as allowed by applicable Federal laws); casino operations including commercial and Native American & First Nations management contracts; casino marketing, feasibility, and vetting projects; any of the above within verticals individually as casino departmental; projects, especially in entertainment, player development, marketing, and; other high-revenue business units;  industry related technologies, especially relating to customer experience and; marketing;  entertainment projects designed to increase casino player engagement;  and other gaming related promotions and projects that our management determines to be viable for a return. Within our vertical and its sub-verticals, we operate as three distinct business lines: 1. Assets Under Management (AUM) casino-hotel-resorts and related businesses (including proprietary new technologies) that are owned & operated by our company or in partnerships with our company; 2. Fee-paying Assets Under Management (FAUM) commercial & Indian casinos and independent slot machine companies that are managed, operated, or consultancy-developed properties by our company for a variety of fees; and 3. Brand Licensing; leveraging and licensing our celebrity brand (in the Donald Trump business model), supported by Gary’s national network television series, best-selling books, & speaking engagements. EBITDA MARGIN. We pride ourselves in maintaining a 45% to 77% EBITDA margin consistently (by using our modified ZBB budgeting methodology). From an investment standpoint, the significance of this phenomenal accomplishment should not be overlooked. For comparison and to highlight the investment value of this accomplishment, we cite the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis’ KLEMS data for our industry (K-capital, L-labor, E-energy, M-materials, and S-purchased services). The following table, from that data, clearly shows how the results of our methodology compares to industry norms:
Our operational methodology of combining intensely data-driven marketing with the slot-based budgeting stream delivers investor results that outperform the standard industry investment by 1.44 to 4.9 times, depending on the analytical basis. Beyond these over-performing operational metrics, our “holding company” structure allows investor return in this format across multiple projects with each as a balance to the others. This assures what Hedge Fund managers refer to as “positive return”, with the investor return calculated as a line-item.