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Welcome to Gary Green Gaming, Inc.
GARY GREEN GAMING is a private equity investment holding company specializing in casino gaming and its attendant businesses. Focusing on early-stage development projects, slot machine development and distribution, and operational management, we were created with three goals toward greater-than-average return on investment: To create a viable investor pathway that removes the complex barriers to entry normally associated with the sector; To leverage decades of “insider” experience and profit-generating expertise to obtain that significantly higher- than-average R.O.I. for our investors over conventional funds and traditional investments; To differentiate our company and disrupt the landscape by bringing our much-in- demand proven best- of-class methodologies, products and highly- acclaimed experience under one umbrella organization, further leveraging our market advantage.

Corporate Offices:

5030 Champion Blvd G11-#401 Boca Raton, FL 33496 702-527-8247 info@GaryGreenGaming.com 

Additional Contact info:

Buddy@LawLevy.com Gary@GaryGreen.com © 2016 Gary Green Gaming, Inc.

A word from our CEO:

We founded Gary Green Gaming as an outgrowth of my specialized law practice and Gary’s The Gaming Group; synergistic practices with a combined ¾ of a century of high-profile successes. It was easy to see the need for an alternative investment vehicle  specifically tailored to casino gaming industry assets, including  commercial casinos, Native American casinos, slot machine  manufacturing and distribution companies, interactive / online  gaming, and software / technology systems. However, the investment complexities of navigating that world also calls for an investing operational company with significant expertise  in all aspects of the gaming industry. We do not trade, buy, or sell  securities; rather, we distinguish ourselves as value- oriented  operators of casinos and gaming vendors. We have created a company with a broad base of expertise including: business analytics & project vetting including risk intelligence; project development; organizational, financial & operational performance from conceptualization through turnkey; truly legendary marketing excellence; navigating the regulatory, legal, and legislative labyrinth; game evaluation and placement; introductions to Tribal and operational decision makers; and much more. Buddy J. Levy, CEO

about our namesake

Gary Green Gaming was founded by pioneering gaming attorney Buddy J. Levy and by celebrity casino “guru” Gary Green. Gary Green is one of the most written-about figures in modern casino gaming circles. He is the host of the upcoming television series “Casino Rescue” and author of the 2017 book “Osceola’s Revenge ― The Phenomena of Indian Gaming”. A former vice president of Trump Hotels and Casinos, he also is the author of the best-selling book “Gambling Man” (soon to be a major motion picture), as well as “Marketing Donald Trump” and several other books. Gary Green is one of only a few casino executives colorful enough to be memorialized in the prestigious Smithsonian Institution, have more than 70,000 Twitter followers, thousands of Facebook fans, be registered in IMDB.com (Internet Movie Database), listed in the Wikipedia online encyclopedia, and have two Pulitzer nominations, along with a string of other honors and rewards. Widely-recognized as one of the casino world’s most knowledgeable executives, he has spent more than four decades in the casino / entertainment industry in roles from marketing to CEO. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the publicly-traded Atlantis Internet Group; on the board of the Las Vegas based Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM); on the Board of privately-held iTarget Inc., and of Tenare Record Corporation; and he is the former owner of the world-renowned EuroCircus.

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